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Live debugging & real-time tuning for C, C++, C# software and WPF applications in a few clicks.

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Integration testing, maintenance process and behaviours simulation

Traditional step by step debugging techniques are now history. A system doesn’t need to be halted to verify and validate its behavior anymore! This method, called live debugging, consists of observing and interacting with a real-time system while it’s still running. oStudio – Live Tuning is a new generation of debugger. It regroups new debugging tools for embedded systems and the machine industry with automated testing.

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Debugging with oStudio - Live Tuning in 2 minutes


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Features for applications & software tuning.

Installation is easy and only lasts a few minutes. All the features are available live and allow you to efficiently manage your system in a snap.

How use oStudio – Live Tuning?



Monitor in detail the live fluctuation of your system’s variables. Call functions remotely.



Quickly and efficiently elaborate execution test scripts in order to check and simulate the behaviour of your system.



Trace the evolution of variables to, for example, visualize acceleration ramps.



Make a snapshot of the contents of a variable, particularly interesting to see large volumes of data.



Get access to the software’s console and interact with your system easily, without hassle.



Gather useful information about the equipment of a system with ease and without the headaches.

oStudio - Live Tuning has already saved thousands of hours of development for big companies!

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Multidomain applications

Thanks to Ocf, the open-source communications protocol by Objectis, oStudio – Live TUning can be connected to various systems. Easy to integrate, this protocol occupies minimal memory space, requires very little resources, and is conceived to function with 8, 16, 32 and 64-bit microcontrollers. It coexists perfectly with your main application.

RT & Embedded applications

[C, C++]

oStudio – Live Tuning can connect to all types of embedded systems and all applications developed with C++. It applies to many domains: software publishing, aeronautics, automobile, home applicances, measurement tools, etc.

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Industrial automation

[C, C++]

Automation is an application of embedded systems that requires robustness, reliability and productivity. The concept of ‘’live debugging’’ applies particularly well to regulation even when machines are in motion or when motors are running.

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.NET Applications

[C#, WPF, WinForms]

oStudio – Live Tuning can also be used with applications developed with the .NET Framework from Microsoft. This tool is particularly well suited for debugging and improving the reliability of graphical user interfaces developed in C# and Visual Basic.

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Beckhoff PLCs

[ST, SFC, IEC61131]

oStudio - Live Tuning communicates with Beckhoff PLCs using their native communications protocol. oStudio – Live Tuning’s features are completely compatible with these products, without any integration effort.

oStudio - Live Tuning

Development and debugging in a snap!

Your own application

oStudio – Live Tuning needs an Ocf Server (free) to connect to your target. Ocf Server is bundled with oStudio – Live Tuning’s installation package.

57% of developers work on integration, 55% on debugging and 40% on testing. Debugging is the activity that needs the most improvement.

These three phases are greatly optimized with oStudio – Live Tuning

Multiple uses, only one tool

oStudio – Live Tuning helps your project throughout all its phases, including simulation, functional tests, tuning and regression tests!
These features apply to many domains and are packaged together in a single, easy-to-use tool.

Increased efficiency

oStudio – Live Tuning’s features bring developers the ability to work more quickly and more efficiently, even when industrial equipment is becoming more complex. Its flexibility allow it to adapt to all situations.


Shorter time-to-market

Today, technologies evolve rapidly and a high-tech company needs to to push products on the market more rapidly. oStudio – Live Tuning greatly shortens the time-to-market thanks to the tools that improve development.