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Embedded Systems

Whether you are developing in a small or large company, whether you are in automation, home appliances, automotive industry, medical or measurement instruments,
oStudio – Live Tuning guides your project through development and greatly enhances the elaboration of your software, allowing you to shorten the time-to-market.

You don’t need to develop your own communications protocol anymore. Ocf Server publishes your software’s properties and methods to your client, whether it’s oStudio – Live Tuning or your own HMI thanks to Ocf Client. In just a few minutes, you can access all of your application’s variables during its execution in a flexible matter.

Every one of Objectis Software’s solutions can have multiple applications

Industrial Automation

The automation industry is a particular domain of embedded systems. Real-time regulation is very important because of the multiple mechanical elements that need to be controlled continuously.
oStudio – Live Tuning allows you to observe the behavior of your systems and to interact with them, while they’re running! The danger of not regulating your machine disappears and you gain productivity.

If your motion control software development project becomes too complex or starts to stagger, ConceptRt brings an efficient solution. oMachine also provides rapid development tools for complex machines.
ConceptHmi revolutionizes human-machine interactions by bringing pleasing interfaces that are easy-to-use. The features available to you are much more evolved than traditional solutions.

All our products communicate with Ocf

.NET Applications

The development of .NET applications requires constant control of development. Once Ocf Server is integrated in your application, oStudio – Live Tuning allows you to run functional tests throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.

Ocf is particularly well suited to applications developed with the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). But older technologies like WinForms are still 100% supported.

All of our software benefits from documentation and an interactive forum

Beckhoff PLCs

oStudio – Live Tuning can be connected to Beckhoff PLCs, via their native ADS protocol. This has many benefits: interacting with your system without stopping it, greatly reducing the danger and increasing productivity.

With Ocf Client, you can connect your own HMI developped specifically to control a Beckhoff PLC. Create the motion control software using ConceptRt or oMachine, two revolutionary and advanced frameworks.