Productivity & Reliability

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Accelerates the integration, testing and development phase by a factor of 2 to 10, in one easy-to-use application.

oStudio – Live Tuning brings a new development and real time debugging method. It’s easy to connect embedded systems, automation and .NET applications to oStudio – Live Tuning, and to interact with them LIVE!


Connectivity Foundation

Part of the Ocf protocol, this communication solution connects your target and allows you to easily control, supervise, stimulate and test it thoroughly.

The Ocf Server library makes the objects in your application directly accessible from oStudio – Live Tuning or your own HMI. Publishing the methods and properties of your objects with Ocf Server has never been easier. Accessing your objects allows you to accelerate the development phase and increase reliability significantly.

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Client part of the Ocf protocol, connects your own HMI to your target simply and efficiently thanks to the latest technologies.

The Ocf Client library gives you complete control and a high-performance supervision for your own systems. Access to the properties and methods of published objects allows you to very quickly control your target inside your own application. Its features as well as its ease of use will greatly increase your productivity.

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Automation Engineering

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The latest modern technologies that drive innovative machines, simplifying elaboration, reducing effort, development time as well as risks.

oMachine provides a library of automation elements that are ready-to-use, while allowing you to easily integrate new components, from the most essential to the most sophisticated ones. Development of your machine is facilitated thanks to the different features provided by this solution. All thanks to an intelligent HMI, it’s possible to create a modern interface in a few lines of C++.

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ConceptRt promises to divide the development time of motion control software by at least 50%, and to master complexity, thanks to object-oriented programming.

ConceptRt allows you to elaborate real-time motion control software with never-before seen flexibility and speed. All the while offering powerful tools to face the ever-growing complexity of applications. This framework greatly shortens the time-to-market and serves as a foundation for the software engineers here at Objectis, as well as its partner’s.

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Proven efficiency

Many companies trust Objectis and recognize our expertise in industrial software development.


Ux Design & Hmi

ConceptHmi promises to facilitate the creation of a modern industrial HMI and to cut the development phase by at least 50%, thanks to object-oriented programming.

ConceptHmi is the fruit of many years of development by Objectis. By using the advantages of object-oriented programming, this rich framework allows to create modern, ergonomic and high-performance interfaces, without being limited by the complexity imposed by the systems of today, and tomorrow.

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