Who are we ?

Objectis, Industrial Software Experts

Objectis Software is the products division of our company, called Objectis. This Swiss company is expert in industrial, object-oriented software development. Object-oriented programming is clearly underused in the industry, even though it represents a remarkable technological advancement. By conceiving high-end applications, we help control engineers cope with the ever-growing complexity of their machines. Well-structured organisation helps to bring together high-quality software in record time.

Our mission: bring ready-to-use tools to the industry and to you

The reason for the technological stagnation in industrial software is explained by economig stagnation of these last years and by the lack of time for managers. However, equipment keeps getting more and more complex. Our products cohabit with development environments to boost your productivity and to follow the evolution of this complexity. These latest technologies are now easily accessible by all technicians.

Our motto: Innovate

In order to always bring more value to our clients, we create new tools and methods everyday. Innovation is part of our culture and all of our engineers share that value. This capacity to always bring fresh ideas has always met our most demanding clients’ needs, who could not imagine the possibilities that are offered by the technologies of today.

Objectis Software, applications made by developers, for developers.