Client component of an efficient and lightweight communications protocol

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Interconnecting applications

Objectis Communication Foundation (Ocf) simplifies and augments your application’s connectivity, independent of your hardware or software architecture. Whether your target is an embedded system or a .NET application, Ocf Client allows you to connect your applications to other Ocf Servers.

Interconnecting applications

All you need to know about Ocf Client in 2 minutes

Ocf Client easily connect to all your targets

RT & embedded applications

[C, C++]

Industrial automation

[C, C++]

.NET Applications

[C#, WPF, WinForms]

Beckhoff PLCs

[ST, SFC, IEC61131]



oStudio – Live Tuning

Development and debugging in a snap!

Your own application

Ocf Client needs an Ocf Server (free) in your target to make it accessible.
Create your own personalized interface

Create your own personalized interface

Ocf Client completes oStudio – Live Tuning’s connectivity offer by giving you what you need to create your own Human-Machine interface. Ocf Client is the key to being able to control, supervise, stimulate and test your application through your own specially-crafted software, in one simple package.

.NET Applications

The .NET framework and WPF are a reference in today’s world when it comes to productivity suites and user-interface creation. That’s why Ocf Client is designed for this platform and works with any .NET application. Easy integration of our protocol allows you to take full advantage of its features, whether it’s in C# code or data bindings in XAML.

.NET Applications


There are two versions of Ocf Client available. The first (Ocf Native) ensures a direct connection between a host and its client, through an internal network, with high performance. The second (Ocf Secure) is necessary of your system is connected to an open network to be controlled. In that case, data is completely encrypted and information security is assured.


Easy to use

Ocf Client was specially designed to make it easy to integrate and use in your own applications, no matter how complex. By using the technologies provided by the .NET framework, and most notably dynamic typing, connectivity between applications becomes completely transparent and intuitive. You’ll be up-and-running with just a few lines of code.

Free: Use Ocf Client no more than 60 minutes!