Server component of an efficient and lightweight communications protocol

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Interconnecting applications

Objectis Communication Foundation (Ocf) simplifies and augments your application’s connectivity, independent of your hardware or software architecture. It’s supported on Embedded Systems and .NET applications, and integrates easily as an object-oriented communications protocol. Once you’ve integrated into your software, you can connect with oStudio – Live Tuning or your own client application. Ocf Server publishes your objects, methods and properties and allows them to be called remotely.

Interconnecting applications

All you need to know about Ocf Server (embedded application) in 2 minutes

Ocf Server integrates perfectly with oStudio – Live Tuning for quick tuning of your apps, or with Ocf Client to connect your own client application !

RT & embedded applications

[C, C++]

Industrial automation

[C, C++]

.NET Applications

[C#, WPF, WinForms]

Beckhoff PLCs

[ST, SFC, IEC61131]



oStudio – Live Tuning

Development and debugging in a snap!

Your own application

Applications .NET

.NET Applications

You only need a single line of code to open your .NET application and provide access to its internal workings – all the way to running functional tests. Making your application scaleable and reliable has never been easier.

OcfApiServer server = OcfApi.CreateOcfNativeUdpServer(10000, MyObject);
for ; ; )

Embedded systems
Beckhoff products

Beckhoff products

The programmable logic controllers from th german industry are now widespread. oStudio – Live Tuning communicates with the Beckhoff PLCs thanks to their own native communication protocol, ADS. oStudio – Live Tuning or the Client application accesses to theirs live functionnalities, without any modifications.


There are two versions of Ocf Server available. The first (Ocf Native) ensures a direct connection between a host and its client, through an internal network, with high performance. The second (Ocf Secure) is necessary of your system is connected to an open network to be controlled. In that case, data is completely encrypted and information security is assured.


Ocf Server is completely free, try it now !