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ConceptRT 3.x Documentation

The manual is structured to first show a brief overview of ConceptRT and its ecosystem, after that an example of agile programming presents how ConceptRT can solve business challenges. Then comes a list of the features of ConceptRT with an example showing how to use them. The deployment page gives details on available target plaforms and their limitations. Whenever an error occurs read the troubleshooting section of the documentation to understand how to find out and correct the error. Read through the howtos to find specific help. Eventually, the API technical detailed documentation followed by the examples can be of help too.

This manual is suitable for all versions since 3.2 of ConceptRT. (After build revision 1357).

Coming soon :

  • Documentation of the script layer
  • Getting started with tutorial
  • Compilers required settings
  • More and more examples
  • Errors number on full Os Layer features
  • Best practices & Recommendations
  • More howtos