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ConceptRT API
ConceptRT API structure
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 ConceptRT Utils
 Assembly infoNamespace AssemblyInfo details
 Base scalar typesBasic scalar types of ConceptRT
 Class & members helpers
 Realtime StringRealtime String classes and functionalities
 Date & Time
 Pointer management
 Memory management
 Strings collections
 Message collectors
 Dynamic invocation
 Property MetaData
 Programming Patterns
 Runtime CheckingNamespace RuntimeCheck details. Functionalities for runtime check
 Hash & Encoding
 ConceptRT Model
 Advanced model
 ConceptRT Os
 Layer Initialization
 Entry Point
 File System
 Dynamic Invocation Channel
 Lock & Synchronization
 Date & Time
 Dynamic Library
 ConceptRT Components
 Layer Initialization
 Acquisition system
 ConceptRT Automation
 InputOutput System