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 Welcome to ConceptRTIntroduction to ConceptRT philosophy and ecosystem
 AboutAbout ConceptRT documentation
 Agile programmingAn Agile programming demonstration
 FeaturesHere is a list of the features of ConceptRT
 Scalar types & Real-time string
 Class & members helper
 Time Date & Time management (+ Os date & Time)
 Pointer management
 Hash & Encoding
 Programming patterns
 Programming error management
 Dynamic Invocation on application objects
 Dynamic Invocation on remote objects
 Modelling component
 Modelling containers
 Modelling links
 Modelling provided component
 Console (system)
 Shared memory
 Lock & Synchronization
 Dynamic library
 Dynamic Invocation Console
 Cycle time measurement
 Acquisition system
 PlugIn class manager
 IOs Technology abstraction & Mapping
 IOs direct access
 DeploymentDeployment details and informations. Structure of this chapter :
 Available platformsAvailable platforms details & limitations
 Windows x86
 INtime x86
 VxWorks kernel
 TwinCAT 3.1
 Field-bus technologiesField-bus supported technologies
 Release notesRelease notes for all versions since 3.2
 Deprecated featuresList of deprecated features with information of how to update the source code based on them
 TroubleshootingErrors troubleshooting of ConceptRT
 Error ContextContext where Errors (RTException) can occurs
 Internal errorsInternal errors list and descriptions
 HowtosHere is a list of howtos guides
 How to start with typical base application
 How to choose the adapted List or Array
 How to find programming error source
 How to avoid deprecated warning when compiling