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Errors troubleshooting of ConceptRT.

Errors notification uses the exception mechanism to handle errors. Each exception from ConceptRT has an ID, a message and the throw line context. The message usually contains detailed information about the cause of the error.

By default, errors are displayed in the console output. See the How to find programming error source explanation to track the error source.

See Error Context to find out which methods or functions can cause trouble.

Internal errors that shouldn't appear to user are shown on a separated page.

Erreur ID (Num) Key Cause Troubleshooting In Debug only
0x100001 (1048577) RT_ERROR_OUT_OF_BOUND_INDEX Try to acces to an element with an out of bounds index. Verify the index value given to the method or function. No
0x100002 (1048578) RT_ERROR_CONTAINER_FULL Container is full. Resize the container or change the used object from EventSingleDelegate to EventMultiDelegate. No
0x100003 (1048579) RT_ERROR_NOT_FOUND_ITEM Given element wasn't found. Ensure that the right element is used. No
0x100004 (1048580) RT_ERROR_NON_DETERMINISTIC_CODE_NOT_ALLOWED Non deterministic code has been tried to be executed by a deterministic thread. Validate the deterministic model of your application. Enable the thread to be non deterministic if possible. Yes
0x100005 (1048581)RT_ERROR_BLOCKING_CODE_NOT_ALLOWED Blocking code has been tried to be executed by a thread that is not allowed to be blocked. Verify if the thread has the corresponding permission to call blocking code. If the thread shouldn't call this kind of code : verify not to call blocking method or function. Yes
0x100006 (1048582) RT_ERROR_OWNING_POINTER_NOT_SET Try to derefence the pointer which is not set. Set the OwningPointer first. Yes
0x100007 (1048583)RT_ERROR_SINGLETON_RE_CREATION_NOT_ALLOWED Singleton has been deleted without permission to be re-created. Ensure that the singleton::GetInstance is not called after the deletion or set the permission to be re-created to true. No
0x100008 (1048584) RT_ERROR_NEW_INSTANCE_NOT_ABLE_TO_CREATE New operator return null. Ensure that there is enough memory to create the new object. Yes
0x100009 (1048585) RT_ERROR_SHARED_RESSOURCE_REFERENCE_COUNT_MISSMATCH Bad usage of Shared resource. Calls of Acquire, Release not consistent. Ensure that the call order is correct and that each Acquire and Release is made especially when exception occurs in the code. No
0x10000A (1048586) RT_ERROR_TRY_TO_ACCESS_UNEXISTANT_CONTENT Try to acces an empty list or stack. Push or add something before accessing the content. Yes
0x10000B (1048587) RT_ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_DEFINED_PROPERLY The element is not well defined. Ensure that the defined method of the element is called before using it. No
0x10000C (1048588)RT_ERROR_OUT_OF_ENUM_RANGE Enum value not existing in enumation range. Use enum symbols or proper numerical values.
0x10000D (1048589) RT_ERROR_EVALUATION_FAILD Evaluation of member failed. Verify the name of the member you try to evaluate or execute. No
0x10000E (1048590) RT_ERROR_GET_CHILD_FAILD GetChild failed. Verify the name of the child. No
0x10000F (1048591) RT_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_NULL_POINTER A null pointer has been given to the method. Verify the parameters. Yes
0x100010 (1048592) RT_ERROR_STRING_OVERFLOWED_ON_ATOMIC_MESSAGE A code too long has been used to identify the Intl key. Use a shorter name. Yes
0x100011 (1048593) RT_ERROR_NULLABLE_ACCES_ON_NULL Cannot access nullable defined to null Verify first if the nullable is not null. Yes
0x100012 (1048594) RT_ERROR_SPECIALIZATION_NOT_SUPPORTED Specialization of this method makes no sense in the current class. Don't call this method on this object. The implementation makes no sense in the current context. No
0x100013 (1048595) RT_ERROR_BAD_CALL_ORDER Documented order of call not respected. Be carefull with methods call order on this kind of object, follow the documentation for usage. Yes
0x100014 (1048596)RT_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER Parameter values are bad. Be carefull with documentation on parameter limits values. No
0x100015 (1048597) RT_ERROR_NOT_BASE64_CHARACTER The algorithm has encountered a non-base64 character. Verify the content of the data to decode. No
0x100016 (1048598) RT_ERROR_CHECK_FAILD A check of expected value failed. Verify the given values. No
0x100017 (1048599) RT_ERROR_LICENCE_FEATURE_DUPLICATE_NAME A feature name already exists. Verify if the same licence file is not loaded twice and if there is not twice the same features in the licences files loaded. No
0x100018 (1048600) RT_ERROR_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_FAILD Allocation returns NULL. Is the system out of memory ? No
0x100019 (1048601)RT_ERROR_END_OF_STREAM_REACHED Try to read after an end of stream. Ask EndOfStream before read char. No
0x10001A (1048602) RT_ERROR_TEXT_READER_PEEK_FAILD Data too long to peek (exceeded internal peek buffer of TextReaderBufferCapacity) The current data has peek limitation. Use the read method to get the value. No
0x10001B (1048603)RT_ERROR_TEXT_READER_SEPARATOR_NOT_REACHED Not able to read to the separator. Given string too small to get all the data before separator. Give a bigger string and ensure that the separator is in the content. Use Read(BaseStaticString & value, bool & allDataRead, Char8 separator, bool skipSeparator) and the parameter allDataRead if needed. No
0x10001C (1048604) RT_ERROR_TEXT_READER_READ_TOKEN_FAILD Not able to read to token. Given string too small to get all the data. Give a bigger string to get the token. Use ReadToken(BaseStaticString & value, bool & tokenCompleted) and the parameter tokenCompleted if needed. No
0x10001D (1048605)RT_ERROR_XML_DESERIALIZATION_FAILD Xml structure is not as expected. Verify the content and its order. Use XmlDocument which gives more flexibility on nodes order. No
0x10001E (1048606) RT_ERROR_XML_NODE_CONTENT_TYPE_MISSMATCH The node has a content of unexpected type. Verify the code to ensure that the node type is defined only once. No
0x10001F (1048607) RT_ERROR_XML_DOCUMENT_SIGNED_INVALID_FORMAT Signed file format unknown. Verify the signed file format. No
0x100020 (1048608)RT_ERROR_XML_DOCUMENT_SIGNED_BAD_SIGNATURE Signature not corresponding Verify the file. No
0x101001 (1052673) RT_ERROR_SYSTEM_NOT_INITIALIZED System is not initialized yet. Using ConceptRT in Library mode : call of System::Initialize() is mandatory before doing anything with ConceptRT. No
0x101002 (1052674) RT_ERROR_DYNAMIC_LIBRARY_NOT_LOADED Dynamic Library not loaded correctly Validate that the Load method returns true before calling GetProcAddress() No
0x101003 (1052675) RT_ERROR_CHECK_STACK_AVAILABLE_FAILD The expected available stack size is not available. Increase current thread stack size. No
0x101004 (1052676) RT_ERROR_GET_THREAD_FAILD The function GetThread has been called outside a ConceptRT thread execution. Be sure that this call is made inside a ConceptRT thread execution. Check IsThread() first. No
0x101005 (1052677) RT_ERROR_SET_LISTENER_ON_RESUMED_THREAD The thread listener is set while the thread is already running. Set the thread listener before resuming the thread. No
0x101006 (1052678) RT_ERROR_NOT_ABLE_TO_CREATE_APPLICATION_DIR Application path directory was no created properly. Ensure that the application path is well set and writable. No
0x101007 (1052679) RT_ERROR_FILE_COULD_NOT_OPEN No
0x102001 (1056769) RT_ERROR_INVALID_NAME This character is reserved because it is used as separator in path description. Name the object without this character. No
0x102002 (1056770)RT_ERROR_DYNAMIC_COMPONENT_NOT_SET DynamicComponent not set. It could be because of a deserialization problem or due to an unappropriate access to the component (Before set). No
0x102003 (1056771) RT_ERROR_DESERIALIZATION_LOAD_OBJECT Errors occur when de-serializing the object. It could be field exchange or name missmach. See the diagnostic message. No
0x102004 (1056772)RT_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_FOUND Factory read in dataStore content doesn't mach any factory of the ConceptDataStore. Verify the factory name in serialization content or the factory given by code to the ConceptDataStore. No
0x102005 (1056773) RT_ERROR_DATASTORE_TYPE_INCOMPATIBLE Bad datastore used to de-serialize Concept model. Use ConceptDataStore instead. No
0x102006 (1056774)RT_ERROR_LINK_NOT_RESOLVED A link couldn't be resolved. The target object has not been found. Verify the link pathes or in case of a SingleLink change the link to be not mandatory. No
0x102007 (1056775) RT_ERROR_LINKED_OBJECT_TYPE_MISSMATCH The object target of the link is not of the expected type. Verify the link pathes and the model object. No
0x102008 (1056776) RT_ERROR_DUPLICATE_NAME On object with the same name already exists in the list Change the name. No
0x102009 (1056777) RT_ERROR_PROVIDER_NOT_EXPECTED_TYPE Expected type of provider doesn't match. Verify the provider type of the object and use this type as reference. No
0x10200A (1056778) RT_ERROR_NOT_PROVIDED_OBJECT The object has no provider. Verify your object model. No
0x10200B (1056779) RT_ERROR_PROVIDED_FACTORY_NOT_DEFINED The provided factory has not been defined properly. Verify that the provided factories are defined before use. Yes
0x10200C (1056780)RT_ERROR_OBJECT_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The given factory doesn't create a compatible type of object for the dynamic list or component. Verify the factory name in serialization content or the factory given by code. No
0x10200D (1056781) RT_ERROR_STACK_LIMITATION The context of execution doesn't support this feature due to stack limitation. Use another way to copy the object. No
0x10200E (1056782) RT_ERROR_COPY_ELEMENT A problem occurs when copying the object and its subobject. Ensure that the needed factories are available. Overload RetrieveFactorie to give the required factory. No
0x103001 (1060865) RT_ERROR_COMPONENTS_LAYER_NOT_INITIALIZED ConceptRTComponentsInitialize is not called before a Persistent is created. The persistent mechanism won't work. Call ConceptRTComponentsInitialize before declaring a persistent. Yes
0x103002 (1060866) RT_ERROR_LOG_NOT_ABLE_CREATE_DIR Not able to create the directory Log in the ApplicationPath. Ensure that the ApplicationPath is properly set and writeable. No
0x103003 (1060867) RT_ERROR_LOG_NOT_ABLE_OPEN_FILE Not able to create the file. Ensure that the Log directory is writeable. Ensure as well that the file is not owned by another application. No
0x103004 (1060868) RT_ERROR_PERSISTENT_NOT_ABLE_CREATE_DIR Not able to create the directory Persistence in the ApplicationPath Ensure that the ApplicationPath is properly set and writeable. No
0x103005 (1060869)RT_ERROR_PERSISTENT_NOT_ABLE_OPEN_FILE Not able to open the file. Ensure that the Persistence directory is writeable. Ensure as well as the file is not own by another application. No
0x103006 (1060870) RT_ERROR_PERSISTENT_NOT_DEFINED The persistent has not been defined. Define the persistent. Use the PersistentDiagnostic to find the corresponding persistent. No
0x103007 (1060871) RT_ERROR_SYNC_PERSISTENT_CONTROLLER_ALREADY_STARTED The SyncPersistent controller has been started twice. Start the SyncPersistent controller only once. No
0x103008 (1060872) RT_ERROR_SYNC_PERSISTENT_CONTROLLER_NOT_STARTED Register has been called before the SyncPersistent Controller has been started. Start the SyncPersistent Controller first then register. No
0x103009 (1060873) RT_ERROR_SYNC_PERSISTENT_NOT_ABLE_CREATE_DIR Creation of Directory for SyncPersistent files has failed. Ensure that the ApplicationPath is properly set and writeable. No
0x10300A (1060874) RT_ERROR_SYNC_PERSISTENT_NOT_ABLE_OPEN_FILE Unable to open the file. Ensure that the SyncPersistenceDirectory is writeable. Ensure as well that the file is not owned by another application. No
0x10300B (1060875) RT_ERROR_BAD_START_CONDITIONS Bad conditions to start the acquisition. File and Ocf logger both disabled, no channel configured or acquisition already started. Enable at least one output for the acquisition system. No
0x10300C (1060876) RT_ERROR_ADD_CHANNEL_OUT_OF_LIMIT All the available channels are used. Remove unused channels No
0x10300D (1060877) RT_ERROR_MODIFY_CHANNEL_NOT_ALLOWED A channel cannot be modified while acquisition is running. Wait until acquisition is done before changing a channel. Be sure that the cyclic execute is cyclically called. No
0x10300E (1060878) RT_ERROR_PLUGINS_LOAD_NOT_AVAILABLE Functionalities unavailable out of ConceptRT DLL libraries. Ask the DLL version of ConceptRT to accept dynamic plugins. No
0x10300F (1060879) RT_ERROR_PLUGINS_BAD_ENTRY_POINT Standard entry point for ConceptRT Class plugin has not been found in the given DLL. Verify the DLL and the entry point defined with specific macros in order to have the corresponding entry point. No
0x103010 (1060880) RT_ERROR_PLUGINS_LOAD_ERROR Error on loading the DLL. Verify the given path of the DLL. No
0x104001 (1064961)RT_ERROR_IO_NOT_MAPPED An io is not mapped. See InputOutputSystem::Map message diagnostic No
0x104002 (1064962) RT_ERROR_TECHNOLOGY_NOT_ACTIVATED IoTechnologyChannel is not activated. InputOutputSystem::GetInstance().Activate must be called first Yes